Finest Manicure & Pedicure Products

100% made in Solingen, Germany - guaranteed

We offer Manicure & Pedicure products for everyone! You'll find a large selection of individual tools from a total of three product lines. Additionally we sell whole sets with valuable tools in high quality cases.

✓ Alloyed & hardened steel
✓ High precision tools for...

  • Instruments Topinox
    Instruments Topinox

    Topinox Line

    100% made in Solingen, Germany - guaranteed

    Our most popular and best-selling manicure tools, which are also well-suited to professionals! Check the classy design and appealing look.

    ✓ Hardened stainless steel: Used and trusted in surgery for decades

  •  Instruments Inox Style n4
    Instruments Inox Style n4

    Style N4 Inox

    100% made in Solingen, Germany - guaranteed

    Our latest line in our product offering consists of five different nail, cuticle and baby scissors. 

    ✓ Completely redeveloped & optimized design for best handling and cutting ability
     Antiallergic, nickel-free and are suitable for sterilization
    ✓ The torx srews are adjusted & tested by hand

  • Instruments Inox style Titanium
    Instruments Inox style Titanium

    Self-sharpening scissors TITANIUM


    Pure innovation! By means of a titanium-nitrite alloy on a pool of scissors, this pool becomes "harder" than the uncoated basin. As a result, the cutting surface of the "softer" beak is sharpened with each cut - the scissors thus remain sharply longer, thus preserving the properties which are intended for them unchanged. For clean cuts on skin, nails and beard hair.






  • Instruments Basic
    Instruments Basic

    Basic Line

    100% made in Solingen, Germany - guaranteed

    For more than 100 years these scissors and tools have been made of the special steel C45. Because this is prone to steel, the scissors are coated and sealed with a shiny nickel layer.

    ✓ Pure carbon steel & shiny nickel layer
    ✓ The shiny nickel layer provides a tried and tested long-term method of rust protection
    Traditional production in Germany

  • Manicure & Pedicure Sets
    Manicure & Pedicure Sets

    Professional Manicure & Pedicure Sets

    100% made in Solingen, Germany - guaranteed

    Our finest and luxury cases provide the perfect storage and the optimal protection for our valuable manicure tools. Each tool has its own place. You will no longer need to rummage around, as all items are neatly arranged and are always ready to hand.

    ✓ Cases are made of high quality, specially selected leather
    ✓ Practicality and beauty: Elegantluxurious or simple designs 
    ✓ Traditional production in Germany
    ✓ And saving the best until last: All manicure sets are delivered in a new high quality gift box. A precious gift for all occasions!

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